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Childrens Special Ability to do Quick Calculations
Children's Special Ability to do Quick Calculations
Children's special ability to do quick calculations using the mental arithmetic method.
Abstract Thinking Ability: Children who have strong abstract thinking abilities can quickly understand complex mathematical concepts. They are able to generalize mathematical patterns and apply them quickly.

Visualization: The ability to visually represent a math problem mentally can help children decipher the problem and find a solution quickly.

Patterns and Strategies: Children who excel at rapid calculation often have the ability to identify mathematical patterns and apply appropriate strategies to solve problems efficiently.

Practice and Experience: Practice and experience play an important role in developing quick counting skills. Children who often practice using mental arithmetic methods will become more skilled at calculating quickly.

Concentration Ability: Children's ability to concentrate and focus also has a big impact on their ability to do quick calculations. The ability to focus on complex mathematical problems allows them to solve them quickly.

Interest and Motivation: Children who have high interest and motivation in mathematics tend to be more enthusiastic about developing their quick calculation skills.
Developing Mental Arithmetic Skills
Developing Mental Arithmetic Skills
Mental arithmetic is a learning method that teaches children to carry out mathematical calculations quickly and precisely using only their minds, without using tools such as calculators or pencils and paper. This technique is often taught to young children, because at this age, children's brains are still very vulnerable to the formation of skills and thought patterns.

Teaching mental arithmetic to early childhood has several benefits:

Thinking Ability Development: Mental arithmetic helps children develop logical, analytical and critical thinking skills in solving mathematical problems.

Improves Concentration and Focus: Mental arithmetic practice requires a high level of concentration and focus. Children learn to focus their attention on calculations, which can also help improve memory and problem solving.

Builds Confidence: The ability to complete math calculations quickly and accurately can increase children's confidence in their academic abilities.

Basic Math Skills Development: Mental arithmetic helps children understand basic math concepts like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division better and faster.

Brain Stimulation: Mental arithmetic exercises stimulate children's brain development, helping to improve thinking speed, problem-solving skills, and sensitivity to patterns and sequences.

However, it is important to remember that mental arithmetic must be taught with an approach that is appropriate to the child's development and without causing excessive pressure. Children should be taught in a fun and supportive way, so that they remain interested and motivated to learn mathematics. In addition, it is also important to provide opportunities for children to play and explore, as this is also an important way for them to learn and develop.
UCMAS Indonesia Team
UCMAS Indonesia Team
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UCMAS TORAJA  Acara pelepasan  Olimpiade Aritmetika Internasional di Kuala lumpur
UCMAS TORAJA : Acara pelepasan Olimpiade Aritmetika Internasional di Kuala lumpur
Beberapa siswa/i UCMAS TORAJA (Kabupaten Toraja Utara) memperlihatkan kemampuan berhitung nya di depan bapak bupati, para kadis dan para ASN Toraja Utara dalam acara pelepasan Olimpiade Aritmetika Internasional di Kuala lumpur yang rencananya akan diikuti oleh 86 negara. Siswa-siswi UCMAS TORAJA bersama siswa-siswi UCMAS dari beberapa daerah dan propinsi lainnya akan menjadi utusan/wakil Indonesia
Mempersiapkan Generasi Terkini
Mempersiapkan Generasi Terkini !
Preparing the generation in the current era requires attention to several important aspects. Here are some suggestions to prepare the current generation:

Education that Focuses on 21st Century Skills: Education must emphasize the development of skills that are relevant to the current era, such as critical thinking, creativity, communication skills, collaboration, problem solving, digital literacy, and understanding of technology. The curriculum should be updated regularly to reflect developments and changes in the modern world.

Character Education: Apart from academic skills, it is also important to develop strong character in this generation. Character education should promote values such as ethics, empathy, leadership, cooperation, courage, and responsibility. This will help this generation become good, caring and responsible individuals in living their lives.

Technology Understanding: In a technology-driven era, it is important for this generation to have a good understanding of technology and how to use it effectively and responsibly. They need to be given opportunities to learn basic technology skills, digital literacy, cyber security and technology ethics. In addition, it is hoped that they will develop programming and technology problem-solving skills.

Interpersonal and Collaborative Skills: Amidst high global connectivity, interpersonal and collaborative skills are becoming increasingly important. This generation should be encouraged to develop good communication skills, work in teams, listen, and build strong relationships with others. They also need to be taught about inclusion, tolerance and respect for cultural diversity.

Sustainability and Environmental Awareness: In facing the challenges of climate change and sustainability, this generation must be given a strong understanding of the importance of the environment and how to preserve it. They should be taught about sustainable practices, waste reduction, use of renewable energy, and environmental responsibility. Environmental awareness and real action to protect the earth will be the key to a better future.

Adaptability Skills and Mental Agility: The current era is often filled with rapid change. Therefore, it is important for this generation to develop adaptability skills and mental agility. They must be taught to be flexible, think critically, and be open to change. Mastering these skills will help them face the challenges and opportunities that arise in the current era.

Through holistic and integrated education, and involving collaboration between families, schools and communities, we can prepare the current generation to be ready to face and take advantage of the current era.