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UMC-UCMAS Indonesia is an important non-formal educational institution for children. UCMAS is an abbreviation for Universal Concept of Mental Arithmetic System. This is a math program developed to train children's mental counting skills.

The UMC-UCMAS Indonesia program is designed not only to help develop numeracy skills, but also to improve concentration, problem solving, visual memory, self-confidence, and logical thinking abilities in children. Through regular practice of mental counting techniques, children can increase the speed and accuracy of their calculations and strengthen their mentality and memory.

Apart from that, the UMC-UCMAS Indonesia program also provides other benefits such as increasing overall learning abilities, developing creativity, and increasing problem-solving abilities in everyday life.

UMC-UCMAS Indonesia has become the choice of many parents who want additional education for their children in the areas of mathematics and cognitive development. This program is usually attended outside of regular school hours and is provided in a fun and interactive atmosphere.