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Megabrain To maximize memorizing skill and skimming skill, thinking skill by using Cell Diagram.


This learning method is to renew learning method by using the natural skill to: Learn, Think, Memorize, Solve problem, The benefit, the direct application to the school subject, the formula to become an outstanding student.


With Megabrain Study becomes Easy and Fun

To maximize memorizing skill and skimming skill, thinking skill by using Cell Diagram. Very helpful for children to memorize, able to read fast and focus on solving problems at school as well as the other subjects they’re interested in.

Megabrain teaches learning technique which is efficient and fun. Children can learn fast and memorize easily to saving time and not extending learning process.

Nowadays competition becomes the main theme in the civilization. Therefore education sector needs to be pushed to improve the quality of human resource. Even though there are a lot of educational institutions that manage this problem, but not all of them have the effective solution to optimize the capability of human resource and polish the intelligence capability. Besides able to polish the skill to identify the learning style of the students.

Based on the learning style, students are divided into 3 groups :

- Auditory (Learning by audio)
- Kinesthetic (Learning by movement and touch)
- Visual (Learning by visual)

The Benefits of Learning Megabrain :

- Improve imagination skill
- Improve concentration
- Expand creativity
- Train language skill
- Learn the confidence in study
- Develop observing skill
- Train memorizing skill
- Learn memorizing by order
- Activate right-brain to receive new information
- Assist to change the information into long-term memory bank
- Improve integration of two sides of the brain
- Develop children learning skill

Calismath CHIQUITA, Teaches young children to read, write and understand the basics of mathematics.
In the learning process, children will be accompanied by quality teaching aids, which will make it easier for them to understand each level of the lessons given.

Learning will be fun with the help of teaching aids so that children will more quickly absorb each lesson given. Of course, he will not only learn to read and write, in the Calismath class he will also get an introduction to mathematics.

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📞 : 0821-2214-1495

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