UCMAS Mental  Arithmetic
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UCMAS Mental  Arithmetic
UCMAS Mental Arithmetic

Mental Arithmetic Abacus UCMAS


Is the pioneer of 2-hand 6-finger abacus in Indonesia. The program that optimizes the right-brain functions, so that the child can count fast. With the mental abacus, children can show their ability to count fast and accurate.

Literally “Mental Arithmetic” is counting in your mind without using any supporting tools. So, when is the abacus needed?

Abacus is used as the temporary supporting tool. With practice and correct method, it won’t take long for the children to start using mental arithmetic. So whenever they have to do calculation, they don’t need abacus in hand. This method is practical to count faster without any supporting tools.

UCMAS INDONESIA is the pioneer of 2-hand 6-finger abacus in Indonesia.

(Picture: UCMAS 6-finger technique develops 5 + 5 organs on children through abacus practice because it applies the pressure at the acupuncture points.)

UCMAS Program 6-finger system that points to the 10-fingers motion

As proven scientifically that the more fingers you use, it’s easier for information to get into our brain. The tip of peripheral nerves affect our five main organs (as shown on the picture), pointing at five brain acupoints according to the five organs. The different position of acupoints reflected at the distal connected to every tip of finger, also the special track for children’s health cultivation.

Through our UCMAS Program, the fingers and the sharp edges of abacus beads can be easily stimulated by frequent contact between them to activate and strengthen the functions of five main organs and cerebral cortex. Manipulation of 6-Finger, 10-Finger Activation system, helps to improve the operation of cerebral cortex. One of its function is to help Right Middle Finger to stimulate Left-parietal lobe.

From the research through years, UCMAS has developed the unique abacus technique ‘6-Finger – 10 Fingers Activation’. It improves the functionality of children’s organs, because they practice with abacus beads and give pressure at the various points. This technique is not only make your children intellectually healthy but also physically.

Our abacus technique is unique and not only improve mathematics ability, but also improve the functionality of the internal organs through the various acupoints stimulations (stimulate nerve points in our body for the brain development).


“Imagine the speed counting process inside child’s brain through practice with program Flash Calculation which surpassed the speed of dictation process.”

Is it true that we can count faster than calculator?

Mental Arithmetic is a program to optimize right-brain functions of children, in order to be able to count fast and accurate, by only thinking in their heads (faster than calculator). At UCMAS Indonesia children will introduce to Flash Calculation, where they can show their counting ability quickly and accurately. Amazing right?

Will every child be able to master it?

Don’t worry! Because this ability is not only for a genius. Basically, every child can master the mental arithmetic. By following the method and practice diligently they’ll surely master it. At UCMAS Indonesia, students will be accompanied by skilled, tested and international standard tutors.

National and International Mental Arithmetic Competition

UCMAS has regularly hold competition on the national and international level. The students from UCMAS INDONESIA have achieved a lot of awards from the international competition hold by different countries.

Calismath CHIQUITA, Teaches young children to read, write and understand the basics of mathematics.
In the learning process, children will be accompanied by quality teaching aids, which will make it easier for them to understand each level of the lessons given.

Learning will be fun with the help of teaching aids so that children will more quickly absorb each lesson given. Of course, he will not only learn to read and write, in the Calismath class he will also get an introduction to mathematics.

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